Tis the Season for a Glammed Up Look

nye dresses


So the holiday parties are well underway now; and believe it or not  the festivities will be wrapping up soon. Christmas and New Years are up next; funners! So keeping it absolutely honest that means you need at least four more outfits minimum to be prepared for the next wave of events. You would at least need to be prepared for company parties, family gatherings and friends who host Christmas Eve and/or New Years Eve parties. I am totally in love with glitz and glam for the holiday season. We recently had a company holiday party and instead of the traditional crimson and green colors that everyone usually wear I went for black and gold. I wore a black and gold graphic tee, black two button blazer with black leggings and black Mia riding boots from Macy’s. I jazzed it up with killer gold accessories. I would love to show you this look but guess who forgot to take pictures (me, holds head down in shame)! So guess who’s going to wear the outfit again this weekend and taking pictures? You guessed it; me.  Who doesn’t take pictures when they are wearing an amazing outfit and did I forget to mention it was coupled with a brilliant red lip!


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