FYI… How to Create Your 2013 Vision Board

  1. Prepare- (poster boards, magazines, glue sticks, markers,). Everything that allows you to create! Get your area set up; music and candles. Usually I jot down a few of my desires for the new year, read scriptures and really try to get my mind in a place to inspired and open to change.
  2. Go through each magazine and rip out anything that grabs your attention. Make a pile first, you can paste them later.
  3.  Sort out you rippings or clippings, lol. Only keep the ones that truly feel like they fit with you plans for the New Year.
  4. Arrange; usually I have categories that I focus on for my vision board. Like… personal, family, career, spiritual, etc. and place my images or words accordingly. But this is completely up to you.
  5. Three different types of vision boards (I just learned this): 1. “I Know Exactly What I Want Vision Board, 2. “Opening and Allowing” Vision Board and 3. “Theme” Vision Board. I usually know what I want to attract the next year, so I guess I always choose #1.
  6. Start Pasting
  7. Decorate
  8. Add a photo of yourself; what’s a vision board without a picture of the person with the vision.
  9. Display It.
  10. Act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take daily action to make your vision come true.  Do what’s necessary.

See sample vision boards below




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