Review: New Maybelline Lip-gloss Alert

Anyone who knows me; knows that I am a complete sucker for a great lip-stick or lip gloss!!! Nothing gets my gears going more than make up shopping. So I stumbled upon these beauties in Wal-Mart (Douglasville location). I was doing my usual random browsing and eureka the lip-gloss gods opened up the gates (dramatic yes, but this is how I felt). I was completely taking a chance on this purchase because I had not read any reviews on them or even heard of them for that matter! But geesh when I say I hit the lip-gloss jackpot! Maybelline has totally raised the bar and now I don’t expect them to produce anything less than this quality of glosses. I bought these for about $5 a pop; not bad if you usually purchase high-end!  I feel like I totally got my monies worth; low-end price with high-end quality.  I got 3 colors for starters. I purchased Raspberry Reflections (purplish), Electric Shock (bright pink), and Captivating Coral.  There is no doubt I am going back this weekend for more colors!

All pros, no cons:

  • Great application wand
  • Great color selections
  • Highly pigmented (for Maybelline glosses)
  • Decent moisturizing qualities
  • Sleek and classy packaging (heavy, glass-like tube w/ silver cap)
  • Great price point
  • Awesome with or without lipstick
  • Shiny; yet non sticky (which I love in a gloss)

Below are the color swatches I did on my hand to show just how pigmented these glosses are.

Colors listed top down are:

Raspberry Reflections

Electric Shock

Captivating Coral

maybelline color swatches








I had to show you all the packaging…



5 thoughts on “Review: New Maybelline Lip-gloss Alert”

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