“No better way to beat that winter time blues….than with Blues”

So am I alone in that winter time makes me a little down; I am not a fan of cold weather and the sun kind of  hides behind the thick clouds. I am convinced I am not built to deal with cold weather and wearing tons of clothes. I am a child of the sun; I love spring and summer time!  Sometimes I find it hard to get dressed and pull myself together. I am really trying to have a better attitude about it since we have a least 2 to 3 more months of cold-like weather. I have decided to kick that winter time blues and depressed mentality out of here! Good bye!! This post is in honor of winter time, but the only blues I want is being added to my wardrobe! Check out some the great pieces I have found… some of them are must have for me! For instance, I am totally in awe of the peplum concept; is it not just awesome?? It does something magical to your waist line, and it just adds a touch of elegance to your outfit.  I live for a good stiletto, it just screams sexy! But no outfit is complete  without really great accessories and no girl should go without sapphires( its my birthstone), in my opinion. The sapphires pictured below are faux sapphires but hey you got to start somewhere.  So here’s to winter blues!

Some of the items  listed below are:

  • Blue denim Forever21
  • Ranjana Khan Lapis bib statement necklace
  • Gothic Long Tail Back buckles coat-navy
  •  L’Wren Scott cardigan

Winter time Blues collage


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