“You’re Making Me Blush”

I did a little shopping this past weekend while I was out running errands. I stopped by one of my favorite places; MAC cosmetics makeup counter. I have been saying I am going to switch out my blush as soon as the season changed (I don’t know why I was waiting). Needless to say I decided against the wait, because the time was now! I have been itching for a little pizzazz to my makeup.  I went in search of an orange blush; MAC had several shades but nothing quite as vibrant as I was looking for. So what I decided on doing to get that pop of color to my cheeks that I was looking for was to couple a blush and an eye shadow. I purchased MAC’s “Style” blush and MAC’s matte “red brick” eye shadow. Who said that orange blush is for spring and summer? I am totally satisfied with the results and it gives me that  bit of “pizzazz” that I was in desperate need of. I usually wear MAC’s “Raizin” blush; I was just tired of my blush rut, lol! Moral of my blush story… don’t wait, just go for it and live a little. I must admit my new purchases are making me blush!

Look Below at my newbies…

Left: MAC’s “Style”   blush   Right: MAC’s “Red Brick” matte eye shadow

NEW BLUSHESLeft: MAC’s “Style” blush      Right: MAC’s “Raizin” blush

Bottom: MAC’s “Red Brick” matte eye shadow

   Left: MAC’s “Raizin” blush   Middle: MAC’s “Style” blush  Right: MAC’s “Red Brick” matte eye shadow

CLOSER LOOK AT BLUSHES TOP  OPENColor swatches of the newbie…

Top:MAC’s “Style” blush

Bottom:MAC’s “Red Brick” matte eye shadowBLUSH FINGER SWATCHES


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