“Bye-Bye Dry Skin

I have had the worst case of dry-skin  this winter. I can’t seem to get my skin hydrated or well moisturized . So I thought this could be one of two things; either I am not drinking enough water or my moisturizer sucks! I admit I am not great at drinking my recommended amounts of water but geesh it shouldn’t be this bad. As soon as I step out the shower my skin cracks; totally not cute! I headed to Wal-Mart to get a creamier moisturizer and I ended up giving the Vaseline brand a try. Not in the jar (greasy flashback) but they have this great moisturizer lotion/cream line now. I grew up using Vaseline but did not like the extra shine; but I must say I am okay with the glow it gives me for this crazy mixed up winter weather. So I picked up two types that make my skin feel great and it lasts throughout the day. I apply it as soon as I am out the shower and as soon as I wash my face even while it’s slightly damp; it just feels better (personal preference). Just wanted to share what has been working for me lately in case someone shares this same problem.VASELINE ICU DEEP COND IMAGE VASELINE COCOA RADIANT IMAGE



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