” Finding Inspiration in the Simple Things”

Lately I have been looking for new ways to be inspired. I just haven’t been feeling a creative as I normally would. Have ever just been so distracted with life’s little details to the point of insanity? I mean I just couldn’t feel my creative juices flowing because sometimes you have to handle so many things. But what I realized it’s not always about finding something new but rather revisiting the familiar. What made me smile, laugh and think? Let’s face it when you feel inspired by someone or something life’s just plan ole better. It does wonders for your appearance when you are feeling inspired or creative or at least it does for me.  When I’m not inspired I find myself frowning and looking unpleasant; people take notice to those things. So, I decided to get re-inspired! So here is a brief list of what are constant sources of inspiration but ones that I never get tired of.

  1. Hot café latte ( fresh start to the day)
  2. A great book ( a great escape or new beginnings)
  3. Women in Business ( courage, strength and building a legacy)
  4. A sunny day ( enjoy every day; there is always light at the end of the tunnel)
  5. Walks in the springtime( reminds me of God’s grace; time of reflection)
  6. High heels (sex appeal, I can handle anything and IAMWOMAN)
  7. Technology (how the world keeps changing whether we want it to or not)

Simple list but provokes deep thoughts; I am a thinker so these little things are huge for me! Find your inspiration and let me know how you did it by leaving your comments.



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