“Shine Bright”

SELFIE PICI say shine as bright as you can; never dim your light for anyone! We can’t all be best at everything but we can be the best version of ourselves everyday. We all get down on ourselves, downplay our talents and abilities. I have deemed this year the year of self discovery! I am becoming a better me everyday. I am more confident in my walk, my talk, my looks, my marriage, my parenting skills and my career. Yes,I still have room for improvement but hey don’t we all.  I have never been more comfortable in “my own skin” UNTIL now. The light bulb finally came on that I’m pretty awesome and never again will I dim my light for someone else to shine. So today’s selfie  is inspired by shining bright (hence the bright lips and sunnies, the glorious sunshine was all God).

Hair: Sleek  pony tail (hair installed and colored by my fabulous hairstylist Lori Cooper at Exquisite Hair Salon in Smyrna her Instagram name  is @lorisstyle)

Hair provided my yours truly “Prissy Tresses” Brazilian Body Wave check out the website at http://www.prissycafe.com

Sunnies: Ralph Lauren (Sunglass Hut)

Lips: CoverGirl Queen Collection #325 Spellbound Envoutee

Face: Maybelliene’s BB Cream and NYX undereye concealer


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