Style Inspiration: Kerry Washington

Kerry-washington_04 Kerry-Washingtonkerry-washington-300x300

My latest style inspiration is Kerry Washington. I think she is amazingly beautiful!  Not even because of the latest Scandal craze ( even though the show is amazing). I fell in love with her through various other movies such as “Ray” and “For Colored Girls”. But she took the spotlight for me when she rallied for our President Barack Obama. Kerry’s fashion sense is spot on, she has mastered the art of seduction without being totally revealed.  She is very classy and elegant; but what makes her even more beautiful is her brain. The latest development as I was preparing this blog post is that Ms. Washington was just awarded an honorary doctorate (girl power) degree. Kerry Washington is intelligent, well-spoken, a political activist and takes an active role in various foundations. I expect nothing but great things from Ms. Washington. It was an honor to have her as my style inspiration this week.

*** Don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of Elle Magazine because Ms. Kerry Washington graced the cover***


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