“Girl Get Out of Your Own Way”


So today I stepped out of my own way  and attempted my first personal style post! Anyone who truly knows me knows that I’m not comfortable in front of a camera. I’ve always shied away from photos for whatever reason. I kept writing in my journal add more of yourself to your blog and your brand. Be more than a behind the scenes chick (nothing wrong with that) but my journey is supposed to be more than that. My mom helped me with these photos last-minute this morning because I was once again going to skip this item on my checklist. Then I just said go for it, it’s now or never. There are a million reasons we can come up with to not step out of our own way! I’m not thin enough, my outfit is all wrong, my hair, I need a better camera, or the weather. The timing is never going to be perfect but at the core of  it all it just screams “I AM NOT ENOUGH”!! I decided today “I AM ENOUGH” and  got out of my own way!


PS: As I am typing this I remember my mom said earlier this morning before I even asked her to take photos of me”you are beautiful, if no one else says it today”!! Wow!!!

Hair Scarf: Merona from Target

Hair Extensions: Brazilian Body Wave from my online store http://www.prissycafe.com. I have installed 18″,20″and 22″

Peplum top: Forever 21

Zebra/Black Pencil Skirt: Forever 21

Flat Sandals: Dillard’s Department Store (opted for flats due to Dr.’s orders)

Watch: Target





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