“Feeling All Girly Whirly Inside”

20130526-221544.jpg**Pardon this blurry photo had some camera malfunctions; but get a load of the face I’m serving**20130526-221554.jpg** Love the back of this dress super sexy yet sophisticated**20130526-221600.jpg** the neckline of the dress was pretty amazing; I couldn’t even find the proper name because the cut was so different from anything I’ve ever seen**20130526-221606.jpgSo to say I was feeling girly this past weekend would be an understatement. There is something about a LBD that just makes every insecurity go away. I have been out of heels for a while (totally not my choice). I opted for high wedges to ease back into the groove,lol!


Floral Print Wedges: Target

Hair Scarf: “Merona” Target

Watch: Target

Arm Party (layered gold braclets): Forever 21 and Target

Gold Earrings: Old Navy (actually quite sturdy)

Necklace: Forever 21

**Stay tuned for Part II of this post because I will focus on my makeup I wore, so don’t be alarmed if you see some similarities**


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