“Style Inspiration: Angela Simmons”

Angela Simmons is the poster child for being young and getting it! I love a young female mogul. She has taken her platform and really used it to her advantage in a positive way. I love Angela! She always has such positive tweets and Instagram posts.  She’s a refreshing beauty. She has sex appeal  but not too much, she’s girl next-door but not cliché.  My personal favorite is that she doesn’t hide her faith and/or beliefs or make apologies for how she lives her life. BE INSPIRED!


**Trendy Box Braids with a very natural makeup look**

angela simmons jumper

**Fish tail braid with an awesome navy pants jumpsuit, super cute oversized clutch with the suede-like peep toe heels.**

angela simmons purple gown

** Long, sleek tresses coupled with a bright fuchsia long-sleeved off the shoulder dress with sling back heels**

angela simmons

**Cute hot pink short dress looks great on her tan “bronzy” looking skin with great peep toe heel**


** My favorite… tom-boy chic; over-sized hand bag, with a cropped top, sweat pants and J’s**


“Glosstini’s Anyone?”

I am just smitten with these cute nail polishes from Covergirl called “Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis”. They are great for travel or quick stop at the nail salon after work. I just threw them in my purse and headed on over to my local nail salon. The color pay off is amazing. The polish stays glossy up to one week at least! I picked up the following colors: Pina Colada 510, Blue Hawaiian 535, Purple Freeze 540 and Pink Lady 500. I highly recommend picking them up. I got mine from Target for $2.99 a piece.






“My Top 5 Mascaras”


My Top 5 Mascaras Picks:

*Lash Potion Grow Luscious by Revlon-this is a fairly new lash product; so far I am liking it after a couple of coats it extends the lashes fine. You should apply in a zig-zag motion for better results. It’s waterproof and had a great wand. -$4.99 @ Target

*Ulta Lash extensions this REALLY extends your lashes and gives that extra length you need without adding falsies. This product tends to be a little messy because it’s not a bristled brush but it works great.- Under $8 at Ulta

*Lash Fanatic Volume Mascara by CoverGirl Queen Collection – very basic mascara great for backup doesn’t overly lengthen or add volume to you lashes. I use this product when I just wear a fresh face not fully made up; maybe just BB cream and lip gloss.-$6.49 @ Target

* Flamed Out by CoverGirl- this product is new as well but works great when combined with another lengthening mascara. I’ve really been enjoying it with my Ulta Lash Extension mascara. They really make my lashes pop. -$5.99 @ Target

*The Falsies Volume Express by Maybelline- I use this to help secure my false lashes. I use this before I apply my lashes with lash glue for thaive.- $6 @ Target