“When It’s Your Time…Go Ahead & Shine”

Just wanted to share a few glimpses of my site I’ve been working on. When I say I am so pregnant with purpose and I’m carrying this baby to “full-term”! I feel so proud, overwhelmed, overjoyed, nervous and at times fearful. You just never know how people are going to receive your gift but what I’ve learned is that it’s not about that, its bigger than what others think of you. God gave me a vision and I have to see it through. I’ve been an entrepreneur in my heart and spirit since 4th grade and I’ve tried EVERYTHING to suppress what I knew to be true. I was meant to create and share with the world. So I just wanted to share my thought process for creating a beauty site and blog. I wanted a forum that was relatable to ALL women, a place where we could connect on a positive level and share similar interests. This was not an overnight idea; I’ve honestly been working on this for 3 years but fear can be crippling! So be encouraged because NOW is your time too!

Also I have about four more product launches scheduled this year just waiting on the legalities to be finalized! But I’m geeked!!!!




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