“How To Rock A White Tee Part I”





When all else fails you can’t go wrong with a “white tee” underneath. You can tell by my eyes that I’m exhausted but the show must go on. Push through has been the name of the game this week. Today was a half day at the office, personal and business errands and spending QT with my daughter at the pool; my son went to a sleepover. This white tee series is inspired by a magazine article I read, I believe in RedBook. I’m going to see how many ways I can rock a white tee. The challenge is going to be keeping it looking crisp, bright and white.

White tee: Mossimo (Target)
Short sleeve cardigan: Mossimo (Target)
Maxi skirt: Mossimo (Target)
Sandals: Aldo in Miami
Accessories (necklace, bracelets): Forever 21
Watch: Target
Hair Extensions: Prissy Tresses provide by me on my site http://www.prissycafe.com (Brazilian Body Wave)
Nail Polish( review soon): CoverGirl it’s called Piña Colada


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