“Style Inspiration: Angela Simmons”

Angela Simmons is the poster child for being young and getting it! I love a young female mogul. She has taken her platform and really used it to her advantage in a positive way. I love Angela! She always has such positive tweets and Instagram posts.  She’s a refreshing beauty. She has sex appeal  but not too much, she’s girl next-door but not cliché.  My personal favorite is that she doesn’t hide her faith and/or beliefs or make apologies for how she lives her life. BE INSPIRED!


**Trendy Box Braids with a very natural makeup look**

angela simmons jumper

**Fish tail braid with an awesome navy pants jumpsuit, super cute oversized clutch with the suede-like peep toe heels.**

angela simmons purple gown

** Long, sleek tresses coupled with a bright fuchsia long-sleeved off the shoulder dress with sling back heels**

angela simmons

**Cute hot pink short dress looks great on her tan “bronzy” looking skin with great peep toe heel**


** My favorite… tom-boy chic; over-sized hand bag, with a cropped top, sweat pants and J’s**


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