“PSA: Please Do NOT Sleep In Your Makeup”

Yes, we all have those late night early morning situations when we really can’t find the extra energy to remove our makeup. Seriously think about how much went into applying all that makeup to your face! I’ll wait…makeup

Only to wear it all day, then come home and sleep in it!!!EWWW! I have been guilty of sleeping in my makeup on numerous occasions and my skin paid the price. My skin is super sensitive and prone to breakouts if my pores stay covered for too long ( so I knew better and still did it). I am now religious about removing my makeup. I do it as soon as I walk in the house before I do anything else! Here are some reasons why I don’t sleep in my makeup.

  •  It clogs pores
  • Causes acne acne-cartoon
  • Breakdown of healthy collagen (hello wrinkles)
  • Bacteria
  • Early signs of aging (hmmm yeah I’m not here for early aging)
  • Irritated eyes from eye shadows, liners and mascara




Monday Motivation: “S on my Chest”



You ever feel like you are juggling everything and everyone? From personal to business sometimes women we just are simply pulled from every end. I am trying hard to balance my family, my friends, my 9 to 5, finishing my degree, and starting my new businesses. Last week I felt like I had a “S” on my chest and I kinda smirked because at the end of the week I accomplished EVERYTHING on my to-do list! I was like HA that’s all… really that’s it! But for real I do sometimes feel like why do I have to be responsible for so much? Then I realize  God wouldn’t put me in positions if I truly couldn’t handle them. On Saturday and Sunday I dedicated those days to reading my bible to re-fuel myself for this upcoming week because I expect no-less than some “S” on my chest type situations! I say all that to say it’s okay to feel stressed out, pulled and just plain old tired. Don’t get down on yourself and let it take you out because TRULY if it wasn’t meant for you to handle you wouldn’t be handling it!

A scripture I keep in mind when I start feeling pulled and questioning situations…

For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.” (Luke 12:48)

Style Inspiration: “Tracee Ellis Ross”

girlfriends-335a050707You may know this week’s style inspiration from the hit sitcom “Girlfriends” or maybe you know her as Diana Ross’s daughter. But she is her own woman! This weeks post was inspired because I am weave-less (without hair extensions) at the moment. I am having a break down to say the least, lol. I really am trying to embrace my natural curl pattern. So I started browsing the internet for hair inspiration and stumbled upon Tracee Ellis Ross and her fantastic website www.traceeellisross.com. She has mastered the art of rocking your natural tresses big and proud.  I have a lot of hair and really big hair after it dries so I’m in need of hair care product(s) recommendations and cute styles. Not for nothing though she has a pretty amazing fashion sense and an incredible body. Geesh some people get everything!tracee ellis ross Tracee-Ellis-Ross tracee ellis ross 2