“Monday Morning Motivation”

monday pic

Sometimes you just need something to get you going on a Monday morning. Here are a few things that I rely on to get me through the Monday morning struggle.

1. Prayer: I can’t go a day without prayer it sets the tone for not only my day, but my week. It brings me back to everything that truly matters in a very noisy world.

2. Cup of Coffee w/ flavored creamers. I need a jolt of caffeine to boost my mood. I just can’t properly began until I have my coffee mug full. Once I take that first sip I’m like  NOW I’m ready.

3. Music; I don’t remember when the last time I went without listening to music, it spends up the day. I really enjoy inspirational podcasts as well (I love Joel Osteen).

4. My iPhone, it keeps me organized and connected.

5.  A little snack at my desk ( it has to be crunchy)!

**Here’s to a happier Monday**

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