“Beauty Book Collection Part I”

beauty books 1 beauty  books 2

Here is a peek at my beauty book collection that I started about 2 1/2 years ago. There are tons of books available in the beauty industry, but I am more interested in books with background information, step-by-step processes and real life application. These totally fit the bill!

1. Kevin AucoinMaking Faces“- $15.65

2. Kevin Aucoin “Face Forward“- $21.95 currently available at http://www.dermstore.com

3. Jemma Kidd ” Makeup Masterclass” -$15.50

4. Bobbi BrownBobbi Brown Makeup Manual“- $22.57

5. Paula Begoun “Don’t Go To The Makeup Counter Without Me”- 8th edition $13.99

6. Robert Jones “Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible”- $15.37

7. Kit Spencer ” Pro Makeup”- $20.79

8. Sam Fine “The Basic of Beauty” DVD $20.00



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