Style Inspiration: “Ciara”

ciara1Ciara+2lM-8OAFaKsm ciara-one-woman-army-promo-ciara-32480599-1280-960Honey.. Ciara is giving me everything I need with her new look! She looks amazing from head to toe. Those ombre tresses are everything! When I look at her she looks like she is a good place personally and professionally. I need to do a thousand crunches a day to get this body though, lol! Also her wardrobe and fashion sense has been spot on (kudos to whomever is styling her); from sophisticated, classy, edgy, artistic and that traditional trademark she does so well “tom-boy chic”. I love that Ciara is back on the scene giving us nothing but hauteness!!!

Also be sure to check out her amazing new album! She’s back and better than ever.  Her sound is mature and so relevant.  I LOVE IT!!ciara-album-2013


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