The “Zara” Experience

So maybe two weeks ago I decided to check out Zara! Everybody has heard of Zara but I don’t have a clue why I haven’t purchased items before now! Hey better later than never. I bought  three things (two of the items are same just different colors) online.  I am more than pleased with my purchases; not to mention they were on sale. Check out what I got!

Black Pointed Patent Leather Sling Back

zara sling back side view


zara sling back top viewzara sling back view


I got these sling backs in nude and black; they came with multiple taps which is always a good thing. They are comfortable  as far as heels are concerned.


zara shopper 2 zara shopper 3

This shopper has so much room I feel compelled to fill in to the top.Also I am going to try an idea I read on another blog about keeping the bags structure. Check out the link ” How to Add Structure to Totebags” this blog is wonderfully written by Anh. I read it daily and I am constantly inspired by the content.




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