“Style Inspiration: Miley Cyrus”

0-miley1 wenn-miley-cyrus.jpgMiley_Cyrus_Y100_Miami_Concert1 Miley_Cyrus_V-Magazine_WallpaperCan I be honest for a minute??? If I had the head shape for this and didn’t work at my 9 to 5 I would be totally rocking this with some funked out color. I am a rocker in my spirit (don’t tell nobody) but for real! Don’t get me wrong now I live for some long tresses but it does get a bit routine from time to time. Short hair is so edgy in my opinion. And Miley is absolutely killing the competition with this cut! A long way from Disney, huh?  I feel like this is who she has been all along and she is enjoying every minute of it. Not to mention she still has the option to make this buzz cut a little softer for more conservative events.

**Twerk Miley, Miley twerk** ( I couldn’t resist)- Magna Carta


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