“My Moment”

I would like to take this time to introduce a portion of my PrissyCafe product line. I have seriously been working on this for three years (my brand, my website, the right products to carry and my blog). The product line includes tees, hair extensions, nail polish(release coming soon) and lip glosses(release coming soon). It’s a product line catered to the ultimate girly girl!  These are the first three tees that I am releasing this season. Each tee I will release has statements that have had and still has a great impact on my life. I am overjoyed that something I have been working on for so long and so hard has finally manifested.

Head over to www.prissycafe.com and get your “PrissyTee”. Also there is a “Shop Prissy” on the top of the blog for easier access.

Thanks in advance for your support!




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