“PSA: Please Do NOT Sleep In Your Makeup”

Yes, we all have those late night early morning situations when we really can’t find the extra energy to remove our makeup. Seriously think about how much went into applying all that makeup to your face! I’ll wait…makeup

Only to wear it all day, then come home and sleep in it!!!EWWW! I have been guilty of sleeping in my makeup on numerous occasions and my skin paid the price. My skin is super sensitive and prone to breakouts if my pores stay covered for too long ( so I knew better and still did it). I am now religious about removing my makeup. I do it as soon as I walk in the house before I do anything else! Here are some reasons why I don’t sleep in my makeup.

  •  It clogs pores
  • Causes acne acne-cartoon
  • Breakdown of healthy collagen (hello wrinkles)
  • Bacteria
  • Early signs of aging (hmmm yeah I’m not here for early aging)
  • Irritated eyes from eye shadows, liners and mascara




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