“Leather Craving”

leatherI can’t shake this leather craving! These are some of my favorite classy, sexy, edgy leather looks. Ciara has been shocking me lately with the wardrobe selection and this leather look was definitely on time. Kim K is so classy in this photo; rocking this flattering fitted leather  below the knee dress coupled with a  sleek pony tail is just perfection. There was NO way I was leaving my girl Nicki out; she killed that Elle cover with her leather jump suit. Her cover of Elle is one of my favs. But mannnn that Serena just won’t let up! She shattered the competition in this recent photo in her leather dress with the “V” neckline. My leather obsession is intense right now! I must admit leather “real” leather is quite the investment. Does anyone have any faux leather pieces they just can’t live without? Leave your comments below.


“Weekend Leftovers”



In a perfect world I would have had my camera or taken photos prior to arriving to a function; but that’s not my life at the moment. My hubby and I attended a Retirement/60th Birthday party this weekend , it was great being among family.

Here’s what I wore…

Dress: Tribal Print Bodycon Dress courtesy of Forever21

Shoes: Pointed Patented Leather Sling Back in Nude courtesy of Zara.

On my Lips: Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb

Clutch Not Pictured: Oversized Woven Fold-Over Clutch courtesy of Forever21


Monday Motivation: “Exit Stage Left”



To exit stage left: An orderly and uneventful departure, timed so as not to detract or distract; To exit or disappear in a quiet, non-dramatic fashion, making way for more interesting events; Leave the scene, and don’t make a fuss.

There is something to be said about knowing when to “Exit Stage Left”. I never want to be accused of over staying my welcome. Sometimes you just need to know when your time is up and keep it moving. Some people like melodramatic endings, yeah I’m not here for that! I always prepare myself with the end in mind; my exit strategy so to speak. So when my time come to take my final bow and move on there are no hard feelings just simply a lesson learned.

With that being said plan properly and know when to “Exit Stage Left”.