“My Love for Jeans”

WB0034RD1U4-CRX2 Guess Power Skinny Jeans $98.00forever 21 jeans 2 Forever 21 “Classic 5 Pocket Skinnies”-$7.80 On Sale

forever 21 jeans

Forever 21 ” Stretch Petite Skinny Jeans $7.80 On Sale

Why does Corporate America have to be so stuffy when it comes to business attire or what’s considered business attire? Personally, as long as you look professional, well-groomed and not wearing anything offensive the dress code should be relaxed. Wearing jeans to work would be an obsessive jean wearers dream come true! Here are my personal suggestions for wearing jeans in the corporate world:

  • Do wear dark denim it just looks more crisp and “professional”
  • Couple jeans with a top or blouse (no t-shirts totally works against winning jeans in the corporate world argument)
  • Add a blazer or cardigan to bring the look together
  • Cute flats or heels (height appropriate)
  • Do not wear ripped jeans
  • Do not wear patterned jeans
  • Do not wear baggy fit.
  • I am on board with skinny jeans for women as long as the fit doesn’t bring too much attention to the wearer otherwise, straight leg in preferred.
  • Minimal accessories (my opinion)

** Y’all have to know I snagged those pairs of jeans pictured above from Forever21 online.


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