(NO) Makeup Monday: “Fresh Face”

I have been on a “Fresh Face” kick for a couple of weeks. My face was reacting (over reacting) to everything. The environment, stress, makeup, oil and dirt. You name it my skin was freaking out and breaking out like crazy! So I removed everything and beefed up my skin care regimen. I have been using a couple of Clinque  skin care products in the morning, sensitive skin wipes (Target brand) when I get home from work just to remove oil/dirt until I shower and do my nighttime face routine. Mainly I use the face wash and moisturizer from the Clinque oily/combination skin line but this time I am using Dry/Combo skin. When I tell y’all my skin is in rare form;goodness! It’s not horrible it’s just different from what I’m use to. I really think it’s stress.  As far as makeup is concerned I have only been applying mascara, a little liner, and a soft lip color. Pictured below are the items I have been using lately to give my skin a chance to calm down.

DSC00303DSC00307Loreal Voluminous Full Definition ( I really like this mascara)- $7.99 from Target

Loreal Telescopic Liquid liner (great stiff tip for easy application)- $7.99 from Target

NYX Butter Gloss (good shine and great smell) color is Merengue- $4.99 at local beauty supply


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