New Target Collection “3.1 Phillip Lim”

Phillip-Lim-for-TargetBrief Background on the designer:

Born in Thailand immigrated to California in 1973.

Received education at California State University majoring in Home Economics w/ specialization in Fashion Merchandising.

Fast forward: 3.1 Phillip Lim was debuted in 2005.

You guys should totally look up this guy; his pieces are so artistic! I don’t believe in posting things without knowing background information.


If you haven’t read or heard there is a frenzy going on other blogs, social media and fashion websites about the new Target Collection slated to hit stores 9/15/2013.  I totally slept on the last two collections but this time I want in! I am keeping my eyes peeled  to see what gems I can score this time around. I am still holding out hope to score a couple of pieces from the previous collections on eBay.  But I digress the new Target collaboration is with high-end designer Phillip Lim. I must admit I had to do my homework on this designer.  I looked at his shoe collection and WOW! If I am really good I would love this pair of over the knee sandal boots for Christmas.

I will be definitely planning personal photos of the items I purchase from this collection. Here’s what I am hoping for: long boots, structured bags, trench coats, cocktail(ish) dresses and maybe even some accessories.



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