Makeup Monday: Fall Forward Makeup Trends

So the new fall 2013 trends have dropped in all the major magazines and websites.  I will point out the ones I am here for and others not so much!.

1. Cat eyes… I am not here for cat eyes; it’s been done and over done! Maybe a smokey eye but the winged out cat eye no! cat-eye-make-up-model winged out cat eye look

2. Orangey shadows… I am here for orangey eyeshadow not fluorescent orange but deep autumn, bronzy tones.

orange bronze eye bronze eyeshadow

3. “The Red Lip”… I will always be here for a red lip; it’s tradition and tradition should not be messed with. Shiny or matte I’m cool with that!

red lip shiny matte red lip

4.Prune (purplish) eyes… I am here for deep purple shadows and plum liner to deepen your eyes.

purple eye

5. Glittery eyes… I am not here for glittery eyes. I tend to have oily eyelids so I don’t like anything glittery near my eyes. Nope not on board with this at all; to each its own though.

glittery eye

6.Wine-hued lips- I am partly here for wine-hued lips as long as the color is properly pigmented and with well moisturized lips because deep colors tend to show off every crack  in your lip.

wine lip

wine stained lips

7. Gray Wash (eyeshadow look)- Nope not here for it at all; doesn’t seem to be a good look for darker skin tones. I haven’t seen it pulled off well and until then I am not on board.

gray wash

Disclaimer: **These images were pulled from Google images just as a visual example**


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