Style Inspiration “Carrie Bradshaw”





This week’s style inspiration is Carrie Bradshaw; yes you know her as Sarah Jessica Parker.  I want to be known as a modern-day African-American “Carrie Bradshaw”.   My dream is to work from home, laptop front and center on my desk just creating great content for magazines, websites, and writing amazing books.  I am speaking it into existence! I have even added this to my vision board. I was thinking what would I consider “the perfect” career model (personality type approved) and “Carrie” came to mind. I love to read, write and most have all I am always down for some great fashion tips. You really don’t have to mention Carrie’s style qualities because honestly if we all said “The Carrie Bradshaw” anyone who’s  anyone would know the style.  These photos sum up what I would consider perfect! Not only is her style an inspiration, her attitude, her confidence, her career and that closet just to name a few (qualities from the show)! Who would you pick?


carrie_closet2carrie-bradshaw1 deskcarrie vogueAnd yes I am obsessed still to this day with Sex and the City.


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