First the Vision…Dream Office Part I

I know I am not the only person who envisions their dream office! I think about all the elements I want to incorporate. There are a couple of key movies that come to mind when I think of my dream office; ” The Devil Wears Prada” and “Sex And The City”. I want to combine the flexibility of Carrie Bradshaw being able to go from her bed to her work area in seconds  but with the sophisticated look and appeal of Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) office at New York fashion magazine. I want it to be cozy, comfy, inviting yet professional enough to have a meeting if I need to. I love the color pink but I don’t think I want to incorporate it into my office. I’m strongly leaning towards “Tiffany Blue” with some great statement features, like patterned rugs, crystal and so much more. It has to serve several purposes. It has to be a walk in closet/dressing room, beauty area, and office space.

Check out some pieces I have been surfing the web finding that I am saving for inspiration. The-Devil-Wears-Prada-Poster-parody

This office below has the perfect “Tiffany Blue” and white-trimmed desk w/ glass top.Those two things ARE GOING into my office for sure.


Ikea has a closet organizer like the one pictured below that I want on one side of my closet/office combo.

tiffany blue closet

Hayworth Vanity Collection (pictured below) for my beauty area.


Luxe Edition Swarovski Crystal mirror (  to sit on top of my vanity.

luxe edition swarovski crystal mirror

Falling Stars Lamp from  Lumigado to sit on top of my desk.

falling stars lamp- lumigado spinx print rug-macysCheckolite Crystal Sphere (Home Depot) to hang from the ceiling.

checkolite crystal sphere-home depotsphinxZebra Print area rug ( to go underneath my desk, ottomon or sitting area. Haven’t decided yet but apparently this room has to be large, lol. zebra from overstock



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