Makeup Monday: “New COVERGIRL Product Alert”

cover girl cleanOver the weekend I picked up a new Covergirl product; it’s called “Clean Whipped Creme”. I like the concept of a creamier product that has a nice finish. I have only worn it twice so I am still on the fence if I like it or not; but here’s what I think so far.

  • It’s  lightweight whipped crème foundation. (True description)
  • It’s suppose to give your skin a boost of moisture without the greasy, shiny finish.
  •  100% breathable formula that leaves your skin looking smooth, natural, and matte. (It is smooth and has a matte finish which I like since I am usually oily)
  • Available in 10 shades to match your skin tone. (My issue with this is they always pick the lighter shades and neglect to fulfill the complete color spectrum or at least give you colors you can blend and create your shade)

What I’m not fond of is the color seems a little dull (its missing something) so I use my MAC minerialized  skin finish to warm it up a bit.  I’ve used matte products before so it’s not that; its something. When I figure it out I will update this post.

The color is used was 365 in Tawny (purchased from Target for $6.99)



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