“Isabel Marant For H&M”

Are you ready for this? Have you been waiting for this like I have been waiting for this? I love these collaborations for not so high-end stores. It does my heart good to be able to actually afford nice clothes by some of our favorite designers. I really don’t need every piece from the collection but I will gladly accept every piece! Here’s what I am actually going to purchase.

isabelle marant 1

Wool cardigan, $79.99

Dress, $69.99

Boots, $149.99

Shoes, $99.99

isabelle marant 2

Skirt, $49.99

Silk trousers, $59.99

Scarf, $24.99

Trousers, $34.99

All of these pieces are in the upcoming collection set to hit stores NOVEMBER 14, 2013. I have linked back to the Vogue.com/uk site for additional details and your point of reference.

But please pay close attention to the model rocking these pieces…. geesh! Listen y’all better be glad I am missing the height because y’all wouldn’t be able to tell me NOTHING!


Wanted….Needed….Desired “MakeUGlam” Team Members



Good News!!!

MakeUGlam wants…needs….desires…. to add some wonderful new people to our fold. We are looking for writers who specialize in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle areas specifically. We are looking to expand and grow! If you are interested in this opportunity  please email your resume to makeuglam84@gmail.com and we will forward you all the details.

Hope to hear from you soon!



“Wet N Go” or maybe not


I’m weave free for a moment! I took down my box braids and here’s what I’m left with. Don’t get me wrong I have a good hair texture but I do find it more time consuming to deal with than hair extensions. Why is that? Maybe I’ve trained my mind to believe this. Here’s my real dilemma…finding products that truly embrace your curl pattern, hydrating, nourishing and products that will restore your curl pattern after straightening your hair with heat. Oh and swelling!

What products are you using? Does it seem like a lot?