New Nail Polish Alert



This new nail polish I picked up from Target is my new favorite for fall. It’s a great nude(ish) tone without being to dark or to light for the colder months. I must admit I am usually a year round pink nail polish wearer (I think I mentioned this before). I am adventuring out! Especially without wearing gel overlays on my nails. I just needed a breather and to let my nails heal. So what better way to do that???? Yep, with new nail polish colors. This color is called “Eiffel For You”.

Here’s what Loreal had to say about it….a unique formula that delivers intense color, luxurious shine and 10-day wear. Available in a delicious spectrum of must-have shades, the collection is divided into 4 unique color stories curated by L’Oréal’s exclusive Color Designer Orrea Light. There’s a perfect hue to match your personality, style and mood. Rich, trendy colors exclusively curated by our international Color Designer.loreal nail

It’s really not as gray as this photo would have you believe (weird lighting I guess).  As far as Loreal claim to wear for 10 days I am on day 5 and it’s still going strong with NO chipping! Yippee!!




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