“I’m Mad About Mascara’s” (Updated Mascara Post)



FLOWER Mascara by Drew Barrymore

  • It lengthens, curls and thickens (3 in 1). I love this brush you twist the tip to for it to lengthen, curl or thicken your lashes. This is the greatest concept ever.
  • I can’t say I am crazy about the formula, it’s a little dry. You need to dip your wand several times to coat it which I not a fan of multiple wand dips.
  • I must say I like the sleek packaging of this mascara as well.


Voluminous Butterfly by L’Oreal

  • Asymmetrical wing tip brush which is shaped to catch every lash from corner to corner.
  • The formula is infused with 1.2mm fibers that coats each lash with a soft and delicate veil for longer looking, silky feeling lashes
  • I love that the formula has enough slip and gives you enough product on the first application. You can see a noticeable difference in your lashes.
  • I think this is the best wand concept yet by L’oreal you really cover every lash.
  • L’oreal just makes great products in general.


L’Oreal Voluminous Original (Limited Edition) Crown Jewel Mascara

  • Quickly thickens and builds lashes evenly for a full dramatic look
  • Formulated with Panthenol and Ceramide-R to protect and condition lashes.

I kind of have when a product is marked Limited Edition, I feel pressured to buy as many as I can. Is that their marketing plan? I am going back to get more. I like the packaging which is very similar to the L’oreal Voluminous Full Definition mascara which I LOVE!

L’oreal just gets it when it comes to mascara and “non-department” store cosmetics.


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