“Isabel Marant For H&M”

Are you ready for this? Have you been waiting for this like I have been waiting for this? I love these collaborations for not so high-end stores. It does my heart good to be able to actually afford nice clothes by some of our favorite designers. I really don’t need every piece from the collection but I will gladly accept every piece! Here’s what I am actually going to purchase.

isabelle marant 1

Wool cardigan, $79.99

Dress, $69.99

Boots, $149.99

Shoes, $99.99

isabelle marant 2

Skirt, $49.99

Silk trousers, $59.99

Scarf, $24.99

Trousers, $34.99

All of these pieces are in the upcoming collection set to hit stores NOVEMBER 14, 2013. I have linked back to the Vogue.com/uk site for additional details and your point of reference.

But please pay close attention to the model rocking these pieces…. geesh! Listen y’all better be glad I am missing the height because y’all wouldn’t be able to tell me NOTHING!


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