” I Am Not My Hair or Am I?”

I am not my hair or am I? That’s really the question! I go through so many changes with my hair, I get bored really easily but let’s be honest it’s deeper than that. My hair is the one thing I feel that I can just right away and I instantly feel better. I meannnn super shouts out to my stylish hair stylist Lori (Exquisite Hair Salon in Smyrna GA) who always keeps me flyyy! Check her out on Instagram @lorisstyle! What is it about yourself that you always change, just to keep it fresh and funky?HAIR COLLAGE 3 HAIR COLLAGE 1 HAIR COLLAGE 2


Little FYI’s in regards to the photos above….

My stylist does all of my cuts, color, trims, and any other hair care regimens with the exceptions of the braids (Hawa Braid Shop), buns and black quick weave (your’s truly).


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