“Self” Esteem- Who’s Responsible for It, anyway?”

So earlier this week I had planned on starting the week by posting about self-esteem, but yep life just never stopped. Lol! So I find that as I read posts on social media and various websites that there are people who are confused about self-esteem. Yes people can “try” to bring you down and diminish who you are but truly self-esteem is your own responsibility. No matter how nice or how many compliments one pays you it will never truly replace what you feel deep inside. Yes, I write a beauty blog (that only discusses what’s on the outside)  we really need to address what’s on the inside because there is where the TRUE beauty lies.

Take control of your of life, emotions and how the world see’s you but most importantly take control of how you see you!

Self Esteem: confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.
self-esteem-and-self-love pillars of self esteem


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