“Alligator Skin….”

Tone-Body-Wash-Prize-Pack-Giveaway Dove_Body_Wash_Collection nivea bodywashIt would be great if we were discussing  boots and bags, but nope we are talking about skin.  You have to protect your skin even more during these colder temperatures. I have the dry skin in certain areas. So the best solution for me is to use really good body wash with hydrating components in addition to my moisturizer. I totally prefer body washes to soaps for my body and bar soap for my face. Here are the three body washes I use pretty exclusively. They smell great, they are refreshing, and leaves you skin feeling smooth. The Nivea body wash is probably my favorite at the moment.  My favorite Dove pick the “go Fresh” nutrium moisture and from Tone the moisturizing cocoa butter in the orange bottle.

What are you skin protecting tips for colder temps?



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