Monday Motivation “Just When….”

Happy Monday my loves! I wanted to share something that I have been contemplating over. It’s about giving it up, quitting, throwing in the towel, bowing out, you get the picture. So yesterday I had this late night thought…maybe I just need to give it up already, settle into my 9 to 5 life.  I asked my hubby if I could share an emotion I was feeling with him. Of course he said yes, I said maybe I should just give up on this dream of mine. He was half asleep when I decided to share, but he said “baby don’t give up”!

never ever give up

How many of you guys have felt like nothing you were doing was taking, you haven’t reached those you wanted to reach, you haven’t made a difference in the world? All I’ve ever wanted to do was make a difference! I keep pretty busy. I am a wife, mother of 2, full-time student, I work full-time and still try to have a social life. Was this thought just simply fatigue manifesting in a different way? Was it the devil creeping in when he sees me close to accomplishing something? I pretty sure both of those are true.

Needless to say I woke up this morning and this came to mind” yesterday I felt like giving up and today I woke up like who was I kidding”! I am never gonna quit, I’m a hustler, a go-getter, way to competitive, and way to driven. Just when….

giving up




One thought on “Monday Motivation “Just When….””

  1. You’ve come too far to quit or give up. That’s just what the enemy wants you to do. Just hold on to God’s unchanging hand!!!!

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