“Favorite Fall Beverages”

It’s NO secret that the weather in Atlanta is so unpredictable. I am a child of the sun and this weather has been giving me everything but sun lately. It’s been too cold and wet to move. So I decided to share my favorite fall beverages that have been in constant rotation since the weather decided it wasn’t going to get above 50 degrees anymore.

  1. Vanilla Chai Tea ( purchased this exact brand at Kroger)vanilla chai tea

2. Caramel Macciato from Starbucks (all year around, even in the warmer months)
carmel macchiato

3. Caramel Brûlée Latte from Starbucks ( I just tried this for the first time and I am in love)4862dfcf-bdb6-4477-9e6f-b831ebe35848

Anyone who knows me knows my love affair with Starbucks, there is no better place. I am a  proud Gold Card member since 2010 and if you’re looking for me that’s where I’ll be staying warm. I wouldn’t be a great friend if I didn’t share these fall beverages and the awesome place I get them.

 – Beautiful and stay warm.


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