Winter Wist List

Some people have a Christmas list, nope I’ll shoot for a winter list that’s gives me more time to get my items. I don’t mind waiting until  next winter to wear them as long as they ALL end up in my closet and checked off my list.

Combined Faux Leather coat in Camel from Zara.


But check this model for Zara, this look is so beyond everything to me.
target chunky cardigan

Merona Chunky Cardigan sweater (currently sold out online; come Target geesh. I’m stalking this caridgan )
tom ford christophe sunglassesTom Ford Christophe Oversized Sunglasses ( I love a heavy, dark oversized frame). I am really trying to justify the price tag when there are other options but for now they stay on the list.


Landon Boots from Tory Burch                            Lizzie Riding Boot 

zara biker faux leather

Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket

leopard print scarf

Leopard Print Scarf from Zara

winter whitesJ Crew Cafe Capri Pants in winter white.


ASOS Tailored Blazer with Dropped Lapel in black.

ASOS Linen Tailored Blazer  in white.

What are you must have or wish list items for this winter?

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