Top Celebrity Beauty Looks of 2013

IMG_0031While there were a lot of great beauty looks this year… I was most pleasantly surprised by these. These women came with their “A” game and made the competition bow down! Beyonce totally switched it up when she cut her long tresses and switched out for the bob. Jennifer Hudson went from long flowing hair to a short sassy pixie cut, while Fantasia said I’m giving you short and sultry with a great color. But my girl Angela Simmons didn’t disappoint with box braids this year and she kept it young and fresh. And I would have to say Ciara surprised me the most with her looks this year; she’s usually tom-boy chic but she showed her feminine side and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to see what the 2014 beauty/hair trends are!

What were you favorite celebrity looks of 2013???



Top 2013 Personal Beauty Looks

IMG_0021IMG_0022I must say 2013 I stepped out my comfort zone with my hair and bold lip choices. I am stoked about 2014! I’m about to raise the bar!

-Be Beautiful

Whew….Mrs. “BEYONCE” Carter

carter 1Who’s still trying to wrap their mind around this greatness???

***Raises hand****

Mrs. Carter is too many things honey…. genius, woman, fierce, game-changer, BOSS, Virgo, sexy and confident!!! I could go on and on but let’s dive into this artistry.   Mrs. Carter took us on an unexpected journey with this one, I’ve been trying to just really listen and look at every last video and  digest what she feed us. Mannnn the best surprises truly are ALWAYS unexpected. This woman is just truly a force. If you’re not a Beyonce fan (I can’t understand why not… but hey) you should be now.  If not for the music, you have to appreciate the hard work and dedication put into this body of work.  She took her music where SHE wanted it to go and delivered it to you when SHE was ready. Yes, Mrs. Carter you most certainly deserve  major kudos and all the coins that come’s with this one.

Did y’all forget she did all of this while touring??? She’s a MONSTER.

If you haven’t grabbed this gem, download from iTunes or Android/In-Stores on 12/20/2013. It’s really 14 tracks and 17 videos. Get into it!

I appreciate every song on the album but my favorite videos are:

  1. Partition
  2. Rocket
  3. Drunk In Love

It’s really hard because I kind of like all the videos too. What are your faves?

Beyonce Fans let’em know!!!!! ***Can y’all tell I’m geeked??? IDC IDC***