“Bling Bling…Berry Bling”

lip review


New Lippy Alert!!!!!!!! I scored this new shade from the Queen collection called “Berry Bling” . Who doesn’t love a great lip color? I don’t know but I’m sure those people exist. They always do lol!!! My love affair with Queen’s CoverGirl collection is continuing to deepen. The bar has just been risen again! It’s a great price, readily available for pickup at various locations and the color payoff is better than some “expensive-luxury” brands. No one will EVER accuse me of not loving affordable beauty products that just work!!!!

I grabbed mine from my local Target for no more than $5 or $6 bucks.

If you’re not into the “Queens” collection; I highly suggest you get into it!

  • Rich shades made specifically for women of color
  • Made with silk protein for smoother lips ( it has a weird texture but hey I don’t mind it AT ALL)
  • Moisturizing formula
  • Hypoallergenic

-Be Beautiful


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