“My Holiday Party Fashion Inspiration”

sequin skirt for holiday partyholiday party attire 2

black jumpsuitsHOLIDAY PARTY 2

laced form fittingembellished blazer

As the holiday parties get well underway every one I know is looking for some essential pieces to either wear to their company holiday parties or a night on the town. I’m just NOT into the traditional, yet typical colors of green,red and white. I’m looking for glitz and glam yet edgy and sophisticated.

Here’s a list to get us started.

  • Little Black Dress
  • Solid black jumpsuits with unique necklines paired with a cute blazer, preferably sequins
  • A statement skirt ( I am looking for a high waist, form-fitting pencil skirt) but maybe something along the lines of leather, sequins or lace.
  • Pops of crimson or cranberry ( maybe the blazer or shoes)
  • A form-fitting sleeved option dress never disappointments
  • Embellished jackets.

***These images are from some late night Pinterest**** If you are ever looking for some fashion inspiration Pinterest would be a good move to make.


P.S. Our holiday party is Saturday and guess who’s still undecided about wardrobe??? Yep… me!



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