Dear, Closet gods….

closet office contemporary-closet-organizers dream-closet-black-chandelier-hollywood-luxury-glamour-seatingWe (hubs and I) are in the market for a new home. Yippee!!! I am beyond excited. I mean this home has to have it all because I have no intentions on moving unless something really drastic happens to my income (it could happen). I’ve been jotting ideas and things I MUST HAVE and here’s my criteria/wish list… it has to have a HUGE closet and master bathroom. I’m really ok if the closet and bathroom decreases the size of the master; I actually prefer cozy in regards to my bedroom. In the perfect scenario it would be a 5 bedroom home with the 5th room being used an office/closet combo. Hubs wish list, are you READY???? A basement. That’s it, he doesn’t care about much else he just keeps saying a basement to watch his Falcons (Atlanta). I’ve pull some ideas offline and found some great inspiration. I mean honestly ever true fashionista and business woman needs the perfect closet/office combo.

Share your favorite design tips or interior designers.



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