“Smooth (ie) Sailing”

I have been saying for probably longer than I care to admit, I’m going to eat healthier. It’s funny because I really enjoy all veggies and most fruits. One would think it would be easier for me to grab those things, but nooooo! It’s really about the time, that dreaded planning and prepping. I saw an Instagram post from @Mattieologie who also has an awesome blog at http://www.mattieologie.com (she’s my secret mentor). I thought now this I can handle! So here it is….

I headed out to Walmart and picked up a few items to start at least having a smoothie every morning, a very healthy way to start my day since I typically skip breakfast every morning ( I know, I know all bad).20131216-075514.jpg


I grabbed a kale/spinach mix, strawberries, peaches and banana’s for starters.

Added vanilla soy milk and blended to my desired texture.

I pledge from this day forward Sunday is my day of “rest” and prep time.

Pay it forward you guys and share a healthy tip for the New Year. Thanks Mattie!


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