“Now that’s… Even Better”

20140113-214543.jpgThis little secret weapon in a bottle is packing a major punch!  I’ve had some hormonal issues,ugh! I had a crazy break out on the sides of my cheeks  (which according to my dermatologist is a key indicator in women when hormone levels are off) and this little baby got me right together.

This is the smallest size from Clinique at Dillard’s. It was $39. The price goes up to about $80-$100 bucks depending on size and retailer. This size lasts for about 4-6 weeks which is enough time for me to see if the product works or not. I can honestly say I’m seeing improvement. I’m gonna give it one more week before a full review and pictures. But I had to share just in case someone was in need. These dark spots had me feeling so self conscious; it was crazy!

But here’s a tip that the beauty consultant at Clinique hipped me to…  SPF duh!!! Was I the only one who assumed I didn’t need SPF? I found out the hard way but that’s a different topic all together. So if you want to see results with this product here’s how to use it.

AM application

  1.  Wash face normally, towel dry.
  2. Apply Even Better Dark spot corrector.
  3. Apply SPF 20 or higher; if you’re going to be exposed to the sun. I do this step regardless. ( I use SPF 50 ,yikes, lol! I’m really sensitive to the sun, but again that’s another topic).
  4. Then apply regular makeup.

PM application:

  1. Wash face normally, towel dry.
  2. Apply Even Better Dark spot corrector.
  3. SPF not necessary for bedtime.

I hope this helps!! 🙂


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