I Lucked Up

Hello Loves,

Let me be the first one to share my newly stumbled upon primer. If you are anything like me and have been conditioned to think the more you spend the better the product. WRONG!!! I was shopping at you guessed it…Target when I found this Neutrogena Shine Control Primer. I’ve been doing a test run for about 3 weeks and I must say I like it. It does what it promises to do! It controls the shine for about 6-8 hours depending on how oily your skin is. I have gone without the product for a day or two so see if I was just overly optimistic just really wanted the product to work. Nah, I really like it. It works for me. Here’s what Neutrogena has to say about their product.

Neutrogena® Shine Control Primer helps makeup apply more smoothly and last longer, while optical modifiers help minimize the look of pores. Can be worn alone or under foundation. This lightweight, non-greasy formula with patent-pending rice protein technology acts like a sponge to absorb excess oil so skin stays shine-free and fresh looking all day.Works perfectly with Neutrogena® Shine Control Makeup & Shine Control Powder.

  • 8 hour shine control with or without makeup (YES)
  • Extends the wear of makeup (YES, I mean this shocked me the most, the wear I received from my foundations)
  • Matte finish (YES) 
  • Won’t over dry skin or clog pores ( I haven’t experienced any over drying or clog pores)

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