Hmmm.. Can We Talk???


Hey loves!!! I would love to tell you that I have been inconsistent blogging as of late because I’ve been traveling the world. Nope not at all! I’ve been taking some time to get healthy or healthier. I’ve been running to the doctors constantly lately! Not to worry though. I am only allergic to everything (joking, kinda)! I am however allergic to wheat/gluten ( only 2 of the 15ish things I’m allergic too). I am happy and sad at the same darn time. Happy because I’ve been dealing with the symptoms for 10 years and FINALLY an answer! Sad because chilllleeee I love to eat, lol. Reading the labels takes all the fun out of food.

Okay, I said all of that to say… what’s up with the prices in the “healthy section” as I call it??? I mean really a million dollars to eat healthy and $5 to eat unhealthy.

20140218-215722.jpgSeriously, a small box of cereal $6.00!! Who’s paying that??? I need answers. Come on with the games! We have to change this in America.

So what does this have to do with beauty??? Beauty starts on the inside. If you feel like crap on the inside it’s hard to keep up the pretty exterior!

I got this!

-Eternally Optimistic


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