Matte Not Flat

On today’s selfie feature,lol.  I just wanted to share a new foundation I am trying out from Clinique. I have used Clinique’s Even Better foundations before but my T-zone won’t allow me to be great so I am doing some research for matte not flat foundations.

The foundation I am trying out is Clinique’s “Stay Matte” Oil-Free Makeup, whew that’s a long name!

I am honestly not putting on a lot of other products with this makeup to  see what this product is really made of before adding it to the kit for summer time travel.

clinque blog pic


And never mind these untamed brows. I haven’t had time to groom them yet.
Clinique-Stay-Matte-Oil-Free-Makeup-Foundation-Summer-2012Clinique promises that this formula will absorb and control oil plus resists sweat.  And you stay matte all day. That’s a tall order and I’m hoping it delivers.

The color I am wearing is Spice which is a neutral shade. The constant struggle with finding the perfect shade for a brown girl is real and frustrating.

Oh, the price was definitely right at $23 at the Clinique counter in  Dillard’s department store.



“Mixed Feelings”

covergirl skin perfector

truMAGIC (or is it??)

Hey guys!!!

I’ve been on the fence whether to talk about this product, forget about this product or complain about this product!!! I was really just stomped initially.  The packaging directions read fairly easy.  It said you could wear bare-faced (with makeup), underneath your make up or as a touch up product over your makeup. Sounds simple, right???

Hmmm… I tried it ALL ways and by far the one that works best for me is without makeup.  There are some days when I only apply concealer and chap-stick and I just want a very matte finish for my face. This works perfectly for that. Now underneath my makeup it’s okay but I get about 4 hours of shine-free makeup wear (probably just my oily t-zone though).  Now as far as applying it as a touch up product over my makeup… FAIL, FAIL, FAIL!!! It streaks and slides my makeup all over the place.  Not a fan of this method.
I just have mixed feelings… but I think I’ll  just keep this as a bare face/beach product.
It comes in 3 shades ( I’m think I’m going try the other two especially for the warmer beachy weather but definitely without makeup just to see if I get a glow).
Have you tried truMagic? What are your thoughts?
Here’s what Covergirl had to say about their product:

truMAGIC offers a touch of magic in just one swipe and is available in three fabulous finishes: Skin Perfector for matte perfection, Luminizer for luminous highlights, or Sunkisser for a touch of sun. This innovative perfecting balm was designed to wear alone, under, or over makeup.

“My Spring Wish List”

Hello there loves,

In an attempt to re-do my closet and update my look I have a couple things I want to add to the closet ( no adding new things until I get rid of the old).  So here we go… “my spring wish list”

hmboyfriend jeans

The beloved boyfriend jeans are still making the list this year.  I love a skinny jeans but it’s time to let them rest for a moment!

block heel strappy sandel According to all the fashion sites, the block heel is on trend for spring 2014, here’s what I consider the  perfect combo. Just precious!

white wide leg pantsWhite/wide leg pants are on trend, I typically don’t care for wide leg pants (too belle bottomish) but these are super cute and I love linen.

mirrored bodycon dressGraphic print, yesssss! And if you’re not familiar with the bodycon dresses at Forever 21 consider yourself schooooled.  These dresses just fit like a glove. Curves for dayssss!

forever-21-black-sleek-slit-maxi-skirt-product-5-13395563-389068518_large_flex slit maxi skirt f21

High slit skirts, hopefully it has the same effect on a 5’1 frame.  We shall see!MK messenger


The messenger bag which I still haven’t tried because I carry way too much junk.  Fashion sites/ mags are calling them iPad style bags for some reason but a messenger is a messenger.  I really like this Michael Kors Messenger bag. Does anyone have tips for keeping a white bag clean?

stripped suit


While searching  for the perfect shorts suit, I stumbled across this blog called “Beeswonderland” she is my new  fashion muse.  You guys should check her out. I love strips!!!